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Peace of Mind from Tyrrell Automotive Ltd

Tyrrell Automotive Ltd is a privately owned vehicle sourcing and financing company operating across the UK with a complete package that takes the pain and effort out of purchasing a new or used vehicle

In today's crowded motor vehicle market the diverse range of makes and models can make the task of selecting and purchasing a motor vehicle time consuming, confusing and often stressful.

The vast array of retail offers and finance options in the market place together with motor vehicles dealers aggressively competing for sales creates so many alternatives for the private vehicle buyer that making an informed decision is extremely difficult.

The purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle, from either a dealer or private seller, requires both a good deal of time and effort. For the inexperienced , or for those with insufficient time to allocate to the task, it can be an area of frustration.

Tyrrell Automotive Ltd was established to provide expert, impartial advice on the purchase of motor vehicles and associated services for both the private and corporate buyer alike. From our offices in Maids Moreton in Buckinghamshire, we are able to find you the best deal on the new or nearly new vehicle you want, whether for business or private use.

Our dedicated sales team have years of experience in the automotive and financial services industry and have the buying power to offer you prices previously only available to large fleet companies. To do this we source the vehicle you specify at the lowest possible cost and offer the best finance available for the funding method you choose.

Tyrrell Automotive Ltd is committed to offering top quality service for the duration of your agreement, not just when purchasing. Our customer services team are just a phone call away and will do their utmost to resolve any problems and answer queries . We have built our business on reputation and service and aim to build a relationship with you for the future and not just get you the best deal today.

If you have any questions or need advice on any aspect of vehicle purchase and funding please call our sales team on 01280 821 886. We will give you honest, free advice and can provide a no obligatory quote for the vehicle of your choice with no pressure to buy.

Save Time, Save Money

A new car is probably the second largest purchase that you are likely to make. Yet you will find it difficult to obtain independent, reliable advice that will result in a satisfying value for money purchase.

Until now that is...

Tyrrell Automotive Ltd works for you, the customer, to ensure your new car purchase is second to none. We'll make your purchase hassle-free with no heavy sales pitch or time consuming visits going from dealership to dealership. We do all the hard work for you. We ensure that you get the vehicle of your choice at a price better than you would ever believe.

If you have decided on your next car and are looking for the best possible price, go straight to our friendly enquiry form or call 01280 821 886.

We're here to make it easy for you!